Sunday, October 31, 2010


BOZEMAN -- The Montana State University community will again compete with the University of Montana community to see who can collect the most food for its local food bank.

The 10th annual "Can the Griz" food drive will begin Saturday, Nov. 7, with the winning campus announced during half-time of the Cat/Griz football game on Saturday, Nov. 21. Anyone supporting the MSU Bobcats can drop off non-perishable food items to marked bins around the MSU campus and around Bozeman. They can also bring food directly to the Food Bank at 602 Bond in east Bozeman, but should specify that it is for the "Can the Griz" food drive.

The MSU Office for Community Involvement is organizing the competition. Last year, the Bobcats collected more than 11,000 pounds of food. The Griz collected almost 2,000 pounds.

For more information, contact Ariel Donohue at (406) 994-7571 or Check
Evelyn Boswell at (406) 994-5135 or 

Support the Gallatin Valley Foodbank and show your MSU Bobcat spirit!

The 11th annual Can the Griz Food Drive is occurring Saturday, November 6 to Saturday, November 20. We will compete with the University of Montana to see which community can collect the most food for their food bank. Show your Bobcat spirit and support the food bank: it's a Win Win!

There are many ways to be involved this year:
• bring your canned goods to many locations on campus including the SUB Building, Culbertson Hall, Montana Hall or the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. 
• donate online on the Gallatin Valley Food Bank website ( by clicking on the Can the Griz logo. (available November 6 through November 20). 
• bring your food donations to the KISS FM Food Drive at Smith’s grocery store on Saturday, November 13.  All proceeds collected at this food drive will benefit Can the Griz!

Volunteer Opportunities

Join us for Service Saturday!  Service Saturdays is a program that connects the MSU and local community by offering once a month service projects on the first Saturday of the month during the academic year.

Saturday, Nov. 6th
Meet near Ask-US in the SUB
Sponsored by MSU Office for Community Involvement, ASMSU & Greater Gallatin United Way

Upcoming Service Saturday Projects

Bozeman Youth Initiative/1,000 New Gardens
Wake up to rake up! Bozeman Youth Initiative needs help gathering compostable materials for their 1,000 New
Gardens program. Collect leaves, fallen branches, and other “carbon rich” materials. All of the gathered materials will be deposited into one of two local compost sites, which will help 1,000 local families begin gardens this upcoming spring. 

Can the Griz- Food Drive Collection
Volunteers will be collecting non-perishable food items from Bozeman area neighborhoods as part of the Can the Griz Food Drive competition between MSU and UM to see who can collect more food for their community food banks by the day of the Cat-Griz football game!  We will be collecting what we hope will be 100’s of pounds of food donations for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank.

Huffing for Stuffing
Help assemble 2,500 race packets for the Huffing for Stuffing Thanksgiving Day Run, a large fundraiser for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank.  Help make this important event a success!

Can the Griz- Tailgate Collection
Volunteers will be collecting non-perishable food items and handing out flyers to football game tailgaters to spread awareness of the Can the Griz Food Drive competition between MSU and UM.  Last year MSU’s 14,000 lbs. of food beat out UM’s 4,000 lbs. so let’s do it again…

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ACT NOW !!!!!!!!!

 Here is a message from Linda, if you are interested talk with Linda, John, or Jordan.
Dear Student Leaders, the College of Business will pay for the first 12 students to sign up for the Leadership Summit. If we don’t get 12 from your student leadership group, I plan to open up to other CoB students.  The attached agenda will include the information about the summit. It includes the program, a reception, music, food and a major raffle prize. If you plan to go, please ping me back and fill out the registration and bring to me by next Tuesday at noon.  You can include this in your  resume. Companies pay hundreds of dollars to go to these kind of seminars.  I hope you can go. Linda

COB Club Officers:

Gather your COB Club members and join us for a teambuilding and leadership building day at the GranTree Inn!

Saturday, October 23rd 2010, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM in the GranTree Inn Conference Center: The 2010 MSU Leadership Summit sets out to provide answers, resources, and connections necessary for students who want to champion causes, generate solutions, and see real change in our world. The Summit promises to be a robust mixture of inspiration and training to leverage student's powerful ideas into actions. It will be an amazing day of leadership development, inspiration and fun. Registration attached!

 A fun day with other MSU students,
other COB students, outstanding training, fantastic food, AND a *TERRIFIC RESUME BUILDER!
*Added bonus – attend and add this to your resume:

2010 Montana State University Leadership Summit
· Participated in student conference focused on personal and organizational leadership skill building
· Learned from experts and consultants about best practices for leadership building
The cost for students is significantly underwritten by a team of sponsors. Because of this, the price is only $10 per person ($8 pp for 10 or more). The registration fee includes a buffet breakfast, lunch, coffee and snack breaks, a reception, and a conference notebook with networking contacts with other students interested in NPO’s, political internships, and a variety of other exciting organizations, leaders, and websites. Registration is limited to the first 120 to sign up. The registration forms (attached) are the official two sided color version and a simpler, print ready, black and white version. Either one may be filled out and returned to the Leadership Institute office, in the SUB basement - or campus mail to Leadership Institute SUB 187/ASMSU office. If you have any questions, please contact the Leadership Institute at 994-7275 or visit <> .
Carmen McSpadden
Director, MSU Leadership Institute
Director, MSU Leadership Fellows & University College Special Projects

Sunday, October 10, 2010

RESUME TIPS from Sundt

Tips and Tricks to Submitting a Successful 
Entry-Level Resume
Your resume and cover letter are the first (and sometimes last) impressions you will give a prospective employer. With these documents, you leave behind clues to your organizational skills, atention to detail (notice anything missing?), communications ability, life priorities, idiosyncrasies, and more. A good resume and cover letter don’t guarantee success, but poor ones may guarantee failure.
Top 10 Absolutes to Writing a Stronger Resume
1) Include Email address – (sounds simple, doesn’t it? But so many fail to include this).  Best to provide one independent of your college email, so that your information will still be accurate in an employer’s database after you graduate. And please, edit yourself. When your email address reads it doesn’t make you more marketable. We look at those things and make judgments. 

2) Include Phone number (cell is best)

3) Include your major, anticipated graduation date, and current GPA (if overall GPA is not stellar, candidates often include the GPA in their major – this is ok).

4) If you are a new graduate, your resume should be no more than one page long, unless you have worked or been in the military for a number of years before entering school, have been in a coma for more than 3 years, or have something very interesting to relate, such as your work as a roadie for a popular rock band.

5) Always include work you have done – internships relevant to your major are best (at least two is what we look for), but other jobs may also help you. A job at Home Depot means you likely have learned good customer service skills. A job as a bouncer for the local strip club, on the other hand, may speak well of your physical prowess, but not well about your career choices or perseverance in finding a more relevant job to your stated aspirations.

6) Always include dates of employment – if it was a three-month internship, note that, along with the months and year.

7) Always include extra-curricular activities. We look favorably on candidates who are well-rounded and have been part of a team, or led a group, so include track team, chorus, swimming team, student AGC vice-president, community volunteer, sorority president, etc., if that describes you. 

8) Exercise caution on religious and political affiliation. It’s fine to mention you are a member of a religious youth group or worked on a Presidential election campaign, but if all your extra-curricular activities are focused around this, it may send the wrong message about how well-rounded you are. Religious and political affiliation are also the types of things we’d simply rather not see or know about on resumes, since we don’t want to be accused of bias in one or another direction.

9) Write and present yourself in your own voice. Write as much as possible, the way you speak (unless you are incoherent, then maybe get some help). Third person blather (“Mr. Jones has extensive experience in construction management…”) is annoying.

10) Proof read!!! Especially your cover. Make sure you are sending it to the right company.  Many candidates write to tell me how excited they are to apply for an opportunity at Parsons or Turner or McCarthy – while these are great companies, we here at Sundt feel less than special to receive a misdirected form letter – it speaks to detail-orientation. If the candidate got this detail wrong, how closely will they be looking at the contract terms and conditions we put on their desk as a future employee? Make sure you spell everything correctly. When candidates tell us they are meticulous, but misspell the word meticulous, it’s bye-bye resume. Get a friend to look over your resume and cover before sending out. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

What are your ideas

What are your thoughts? What are your ideas for fundraising/ volunteering / professionalism? We want to hear what you have to say, leave us a comment about what will make this club better. Thanks for your input.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Management Club Gets things Done

Nicely done!!! Dylan took time out off his life to help with the set up of the haunted maze on North 7th behind Murdochs. His hard work, and strong work ethic was noticed by the owner, Dale Mandeville, who wants to help out with our club on other events. This is the type of thing we need to continue to have happen. Nice job Dylan, for leading the way in creating a positive vibe in the community.  Dylan also did a wonderful job with the ice cream social. Next time you see Dylan please commend him on his outstanding work.

Other news, Jordan and Robert volunteered with Service Saturday. They helped with the Children's Museum, creating decorations for their largest fundraiser.  The Service Saturdays will be just one of the ways we will be giving back to the community.  Also,  other options will be available on the blog later this week. 

Ian Davidson, Chairman of Davidson Companies (DA Davidson) will be our featured Orser Executive Speakers Forum 4:10, Procrastinator Theatre, MSU SUB on Wed. October 6. If you are  interested in this please contact Audrey Lee, or 994-7026. 

We also need people that can work the career fair. Please talk with John for times available. This is a quick and easy fundraiser. Lets make some money.

Also, this week John and Jordan will be meeting with the Dean of the COB. This is where we will be explaining the club's goals and plans for the year.

If you have an idea for the T-shirt designs please talk with Jordan and Chelsey. We will be wearing these to represent our club at events.

Don't forget there is a Monday meeting at 5:30 in room 453. This meeting is a important one, please be there.  On Sunday there will be an update with the agenda for Monday nights meeting, on the Blog.

Keep up the outstanding work!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Professionalism - Goal: Being confident in the skills needed to get a job and succeeding in the workforce with professional skill acquired. 
-Some idea- Career Fair, workshops and more.

 Community Outreach - Goal: develop appreciation for those in the community, and help build a stronger community.
- Some idea- Volunteering on Saturdays, Can Drive, and more.

Social Networking- Goal: Develop a personal network for jobs and professional growth.
- Some ideas - Fundraising, Job Shadows, and more.